From the Head

IMG_1621A fellow crafter said to me , recently , that once something is in your head, you just have to get it out! I totally agree and this card came around because of a mistake. One of my customers wanted to make an 80th birthday card and I thought it was for a woman, but it was for a man. Once the idea was formulated and designed in my had. I had to transfer my design from my head to reality.


I like to design sometimes, using a very limited colour palette. In this card, if you discount the silver glimmer paper used for the numbers and the vanilla background, the whole card has been created with just two colours. I have relied on shape and texture to aid my design.

I had left the card on the easel in my kitchen and a friend spotted it and suggested someone for it! So my design and efforts were not in vain. This card could also be used by stamping a sentiment onto the oval instead.

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Unti next time happy papercrafting


Love Rosie x

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